Banishing Salts


Black Salt, Larkspur Blue Salt, and Devil’s Claw Blue Salt.

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Black Salt: absorbs negativity and creates a clean slate.  Great to dust across your threshold (just remember to sweep it away once a week or so!) or a pesky neighbor’s. Devil’s Claw Blue Salt: ghost-busting and removing sticky energy that’s gumming things up.  A liberal sprinkle in a bowl of spring water placed in the affronting room will trap and neutralize the nuisance. Larkspur Blue Salt: hex-busting and reversing of the Evil Eye. Dust your threshold to keep negativity at bay, the bottoms of your shoes, or use in your conjuring work. Crafted on a Saturday waning moon.  Not for consumption. (Instructions included.) Set of Three  | 48. Interested in a single vial? Inquire directly.