Healing Within: Divine Masculine Anointing Oil


An Anointing Oil just for the fellas, to promote balance, integrity, and courageous heroism.

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A complex, earthy blend of cedar and frankincense, with agrimony to deflect negativity, benzoin and borage to increase communication and receptivity, mullein to conjure courage and promote heroism, slippery elm to speak Truth, hawthorn to heal heart-wounds, and Queen of the Night to honor the Divine Feminine. I’m proud and honored to craft this oil in honor of all the strong, conscious men in my life, and those striving to wake up.  13 ingredients paired with multiple crystals (including amazonite and turquoise) on a waning Sun-Day moon in Libra. May you find balance and strength between the Warrior and the Poet that resides within.  Not for consumption.